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Services I offer

  • The most important service I offer is to make sure your dog/dogs have had lots of fun and exercise on their walks.



  • I'll come pick your dog/dogs up and walk them to your chosen walk area or if you have no preference my favorite place a walk around Willingham Woods.



  • I always like to give treats out. Treats are available if allowed by the client.



  • I dispose of doggy accidents efficiently.



  • I make sure your dog/dogs are as clean as possible when returning to your home.



  • My dog walking service is based in Market Rasen but I also offer it to you within an 5 mile radius free of charge. Over 5 miles is charged 30p per mile.

Flexible to suit your needs

  • You pick the day, time and length of dog walk needed.


  • Urgent last minute dog walking needed? 

No problem, my dog walking service is dedicated to give you this option as long as 24 hours notice is given before the walk in question.



  • Change your mind about the time of walk, length or day?

No problem again all I ask is if you give me at least 24 hours notice before hand.

  • Please remember one off customers are more than welcome.

Free initial meeting

I offer a free initial meeting to those who are interested in my dog walking service. This meeting allows us to get to know one another and also gives me a chance to meet your dog/dogs.
Meet Freddie and Poppy, aren't they both adorable, two of most well behaved dogs I've come across. Its a pleasure to walk these two. Both of these dogs love having a ball thrown (the further the better) have to be careful though as these tennis balls are easily lost.